Fix Firewall rule for Servapp.exe

Servapp version 4 includes a one-click solution to fix this, it can be found under Settings->About->Show Advanced Settings->Create Firewall Rule

  • Open “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” by opening Windows Start Menu and start typing “firewall”.
  • With Windows Defender Firewall open on the left-hand side select “Inbound Rules”.
  • Find any rules in the centre area called “servapp-pointofsale.exe”.
  • If they have a red circle with a cross through it they need to be allowed.
  • See image(1) below – you need to change the checkbox from “Block the connection” to “Allow the connection”.
  • See image(2) below – Check boxes next to “Private” and “Public”.
  • Click OK, repeat for any other rules that match the criteria.
  • Close Windows Defender Firewall.

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