Preparing for Version 4

Servapp version 4 brings many changes to Servapp with the integration of LDM (Tabs/Tables) into Servapp being the main one. This is now installed via the settings menu. Meaning no need to download and install the LDM Installer.

IMPORTANT – The existing LDM installation will need to be removed, this includes the Tabs/ Tables Database. If you have existing Tabs/Tables please either process them to accounts or print them out. Also make note of any other information you have entered for tabs i.e. tab name.

Then you can proceed with the cleanup. We have developed a Windows Batch file to do this for you to make the process easy. You can download the zip file here. You will only need to do this once.

Below is a step by step guide to update from an older version of Servapp to version 4

  • Uninstall Servapp from the control panel
  • Download zip file above
  • Run ‘As Administrator’ the batch file, you may be asked to confirm, wait for the black box to disappear
  • Download the appropriate version of Servapp from for your system
  • Install Servapp
  • If you need to install tabs then please check out this article

CHANGELOG – if you wish to know all the changes coming to version 4 please check out this post.

INFO – What does the batch file do?
The batch file will do the following things:

  • Stop and remove the Servapp LDM Windows Service
  • Remove the Servapp LDM Windows Firewall Rule
  • Remove LDM API, MongoDB and install files/folders
  • Remove Servapp app folders

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