Tabs/Tables are not showing

So you view Tabs/Tables and the list of Tabs/Tables isn’t there.

For versions of Servapp 3.4.0 or newer a repair button can be found on the tabs screen. For version prior see below.

I’ve tried above but still not working, what else can I try?

If you have tried the repair tool and it is still not working, please get in touch with us

It’s working on the one lane but not others, what else can I try?

If it is working on one lane (main till where LDM is installed) then possibly that lane has blocked access from other devices. To fix this we need to allow Servapp access to Windows Defender firewall, please follow these steps.

The PC/Lane that is running the Tabs/Tables database may have lost power or unexpectedly shut down, to fix this you need to download and run a bat file.

  1. Jump on the PC/Lane with LDM installed, this is usually Lane 1/Main
  2. Download Repair LDM from
  3. Extract the two files to C:\repair-ldm\ you may need to create this folder
  4. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box. Type taskschd.msc and press Enter
  5. Once task scheduler has opened click “Action” from the top menu and select “Import Task
  6. Browse to the folder we created earlier and select the repair-ldm-task.xml file and click “Open
  7. A new create task screen will appear and click “OK
  8. The steps up till now have been to fix any future occurrences of this issue, to fix this issue right now please continue
  9. Go to the folder we created and right click on the file called repair-ldm.bat and “Run as Administrator“, this is very important
  10. A black Command Prompt will open and green text will start to display
  11. Once the file has finished it will say “Repairing of Servapp LDM has completed
  12. The Command Prompt box should disappear on its own if it doesn’t just close it using the X at the top right
  13. Go back to Servapp, if you are still on the Tabs/Tables screen go back to the Sell screen and then try Tabs/Tables again

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